Hurff Cradle

The Conrad Hurff Cradle owned by one of our cousins.

Conrad Hurff's Cradle

"Conrad Hurff's Cradle, is in the possession of a member of Evelyn Hurff Cross' family." (Isaac Branch, in VA). Curators in Williamsburg, Va., have dated the cradle's period to be "Circa, 1760's".

Included in the photo, is a candle stand (an authentic reproduction) of the original used, along with the cradle. The original table is held by the Baker family, of Virginia. You will also note, a damask cloth on the candle stand. From his cradle, Frank Hurff (1854-1937) reached to pull this cloth. On doing so, the candle tipped over, burning a corner of the cradle. The burn spot is still clearly evident on the upper right hood of the cradle as a black spot.

Frank Hurff was burned on the forehead. He bore the burn mark on his forehead during his life. The cloth was lovingly saved by him, and was included along with his last will and testament.

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